There’s an old saying in journalism: Doctors bury their mistakes. Writers publish theirs.

In last week’s Speed News, we published a mistake, and we’re alerting readers to it as quickly as possible. The grace period for NASA members to get fire systems installed in their racecars stems from short notice and a short offseason, but not a shortage of supply.

Upon signing on as the official fire suppression partner, Lifeline USA stocked up on a full line of systems to meet the expected surge in demand for them, and distributed them to suppliers in its dealer network. Long story short, there is no shortage or supply-chain issues.

“As a NASA partner, it is our goal not only to support NASA’s racers with the best fire suppression systems and safety gear made, but also to ensure availability of our entire product line even through the difficult supply conditions the world is currently facing,” said Lifeline USA President James Clay. “To that end, we maintain a high level of inventory, even through challenging times that have required us to air-freight shipments from the UK at our expense to do so. We fully support NASA’s allowance to defer the requirement for onboard fire suppression until 2023 to allow racers to educate themselves fully and choose the appropriate system from us, Competition Motor Sport (another NASA partner), or any of our other mail-order or trackside Lifeline suppliers throughout the country and North America, or any of our competitors in this space.”

Even though the requirement has been eased till calendar year 2023, it’s critical for NASA racers to get fire systems installed in their cars. Ample supply from Lifeline USA ensures there is a system available for everyone who needs one.

“Fire suppression for me, as a racer for over 20 years, is an absolute personal requirement and I applaud NASA’s decision of the future requirement because, quite honestly, I care about the safety of my friends and customers, which is why I was eager to take on the Lifeline USA business some years ago,” Clay added. “We are here in this transition period to educate, including direct one-on-one conversations if possible to ensure our racers make the best decision for them and their specific personal and vehicle needs. And when you’re ready, there is a Lifeline system on the shelf and waiting to ship from your chosen supplier.”

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