Attention HPDE Drivers!

All NASA HPDE drivers are now eligible to earn big discounts on Hawk Performance brake pads each time you graduate from one HPDE level to the next! All you need to do to qualify for the program is fill in an online form and upload a scan or a photo of your signed HPDE Passport. It’s that easy!

NASA is the only organization in the country to offer such a program to track-day drivers, and the great thing is that the brakes can be for any car or truck you own. Here’s how the Hawk HPDE Awards discounts work:

HPDE1 to HPDE2: 25% off MSRP on any Hawk pads
HPDE2 to HPDE3: 30%
HPDE3 to HPDE4: 35%
HPDE4 to TT: 40%

Take advantage of this great new program and save big on Hawk brakes!


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