Arrive at the Track on One Fill-up with TITAN Fuel Tanks

The worst part of any race weekend is getting to the track. The drive seems to take forever, and if it’s far enough away, it can mean multiple fuel stops, which lengthen your trip and add complexity.

The people at TITAN Fuel Tanks are racers themselves, and that’s why they offer they XXL direct replacement fuel tanks for diesel pickup trucks. Now that TITAN Fuel Tanks has become an official NASA sponsor, NASA members can take advantage of a 20 percent discount and free shipping on all Titan Fuel Tanks. Log in with your account to find out how to take advantage.

“The worst part of towing a large race trailer is having to stop for fuel given the time it takes, the hassle, the headache of getting in and out of the gas station. We all hate it, and it’s what TITAN was founded on 17 years ago, to be able to go twice as far on a single fill-up,” said Mike DeFord, Marketing Director at TITAN Fuel Tanks, he continues “Personally, I have a long history with NASA, dating back to the beginning when they were the Capri Club. As our company has grown, we have been more and more involved in racing, and NASA was an obvious choice for us to support. They are aggressive, they provide exceptional value for the racers and for their sponsors. NASA racers are our customers! They are all towing to the race track with a Dodge, Ford, GM or Nissan pickup truck that we make a tank for.”

TITAN also manufactures a gasoline transfer tank that can be mounted in the bed of a truck or on a trailer. The SideKick tank provides a safe and secure way to transport, store and refuel race cars, especially now with many tracks limiting how gasoline can be brought into the tracks.

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