Registrations for the 2024 NASA Championships are off to one of the best starts in the event’s history. Come September, Utah Motorsports Campus is going to be the epicenter of NASA Championships racing action! Convenient to many regions in the United States, Utah Motorsports Campus is a great venue for the 2024 NASA Championships.

Before we highlight the numbers, a significant development this year is happening in Super Unlimited and Time Trial Unlimited. To increase the level of competition and parity, SU and TTU will be separated into two separate classes, one for sports racers and prototypes, and one for production-based and full-bodied racecars. After receiving input from drivers, NASA will be making the change at the 2024 Championships. You can find the specifics in the NASA Forums, and here’s the official wording from the Super Touring/Super Unlimited rules.

“4.1.1 Grand Touring (GT)

At the 2024 NASA Championships event, the current Super Unlimited vehicles will be split into two separate classes: Super Unlimited (SU) and Grand Touring (GT).  All Sports Racers, Prototypes, and monocoque race cars that don’t qualify for a Super Touring class will compete only in SU.  All other current Super Unlimited cars can compete in the new Grand Touring (GT) class. The National ST Director will make the final determination which cars are ineligible for GT, as there may be some subjectivity for various vehicles. The ultimate goal is for Grand Touring to be comprised primarily of vehicles that resemble production touring cars and stock cars. (Note: the corresponding Time Trial classes will be TTU and TTGT)”

In terms of registration numbers, Time Trial is on fire this year, with already more than 60 entries, with TT1 and TT2 leading the way with 13 entries apiece. Healthy fields also are building for all Time Trial classes.

No stranger to large fields, NASA’s spec classes also are off to a great start, with more than 20 Spec Miata drivers registered and 19 Spec E46 cars signed up. Super Touring classes are filling in nicely, and several NP01s set to take the grid at UMC this September. Register now before the price increases on May 1st! We can’t wait to see you in Utah!

Will you be part of the 2024 NASA Championships action this fall in Utah?
Image courtesy of Steven Cabana

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