The story behind this story is kind of interesting. We at the NASA National Office had an idea for what would have been the start of a program aimed at getting us some more attention from outside media. It has since been shelved, so there is no point in going into what it was, but the program would have required input and consensus from all regional directors nationwide.

At the same time, I announced rather offhandedly that we were going to be putting together a feature in Speed News on the dogs that people bring with them to the track. The story also required input from all regional directors, and the difference in response levels was stark. I was flooded with emails about track dogs. People love dogs so much they couldn’t wait to take part in helping us with the feature story.

Everybody thinks they have the best dog — and not one of them is wrong.

Personally, I love seeing dogs at the track because I can’t bring mine with me — those are my two ragamuffins in the opening photo. I’m a one-man crew and driver, so bringing a dog or two would add more to-do’s to weekends that already have enough. However, I miss them the whole time I’m at the track, and they’re the ones who give me the best welcome when I get home. If you leave your dog(s) at home, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Track dogs always cheer us up when we have a chance to say hello and give them a scratch behind the ears until we can return home to see our own dogs.

Section 24.2 of the CCR recommends leaving pets at home, and if yours isn’t sociable, you should do just that. However, dogs can add a homey touch to a track weekend.

Normally, in Speed News, we try to deliver stories that help make you a faster driver, a better mechanic or help you get acquainted and keep up with your NASA family around the country. This story will not make you faster or help you become a better mechanic, but it will help you get acquainted with the dogs we often see at the track.

I’m sure I will be inundated with photos and comments from NASA members whose dogs were not included in this feature. “Hey, what about my dog?!” I expect that to happen within minutes, and I look forward to it so I can begin compiling them for next year’s feature on our favorite track dogs. So, please, send me photos of any dogs we didn’t include, and we’ll get them in the hopper for next year’s story.

So, for now, these are the hounds of NASA, the finest menagerie of good boys and good girls as you’ll ever find.

Dog’s Name: Bodhi
Breed:  Newfypoo
Age:     2
Owner(s):   Greg Greenbaum and Heather Stevens
NASA Region : NASA SoCal
Years in NASA:   19

Dog’s Name:    Lex
Breed:    American Bulldog
Age:     13
Owner(s):   Walter and Sandra Araya
NASA Region: NASA  Southeast
Years in NASA:   9 years

Dog’s Name: Luna
Breed: French Bulldog
Age: 1 year
Owner(s): Matt Guiver and Robyn Andreasen
NASA Region: NASA Utah
Years in NASA: 1 year

Dog’s Names: Jager and Tia
Breed: Akita
Age: 8
Owner(s): Karl and Valerie Wilen
NASA Region: NASA Central
Years in NASA: 10 years

Dog’s Name: Otto
Breed:   German Shepherd
Age:     Went to races from 1 to 11 years old. He’s now in dog heaven.
Owner(s):   Drew Ewing
NASA Region: NASA Southeast
Years in NASA:   22

Dog’s Name: Axel
Breed:   German Shepherd
Age:    He’s in dog heaven
Owner(s):   Joe and Suzan Casella
NASA Region : NASA Northeast
Years in NASA:   His whole life

Dog’s Name: Carbon
Breed:   Doberman Pinscher
Age:     1 year
Owner(s):   Lisa Vaughn
NASA Region : NASA Texas
Years in NASA:   14

Dog’s Name: Clutch
Breed:   Pug/Boxer mix
Age:     10
Owner(s):   Will Faules
NASA Region : NASA Texas
Years in NASA:   22

Dog’s Name: Hans
Breed:   Long Hair Dapple Dachshund
Age:     4
Owner(s):   Lee and Robin Buckner
NASA Region : NASA Mid-Atlantic
Years in NASA:   14 years

Dog’s Names: Kaya and Munson
Breed: Husky and American Bulldog
Age: 1 and 7
Owner(s):  Kathy and Scott Houston
NASA Region: NASA Southeast
Years in NASA:   6

Dog’s Names: Mazie and Camber
Breed: Goldendoodle and Australian Goldendoodle
Age: 9 months, and 13 years
Owner(s):   Laura and Tim Spittle
NASA Region: NASA Southeast
Years in NASA:   19

Dog’s Names: Lucia and Max
Breed:  Dogo Argentino, mixed breed
Age:  2 years and 4 years
Owner(s):  Alexander Tarradelles-Newell and Stephanie Centeno
NASA Region : NASA NorCal
Years in NASA:  3

Dog’s Names: Enzo and Lola
Breed:   Golden Retrievers
Age:     NA
Owner(s):   Proformance Racing School
NASA Region : Pacific Raceways
Years in NASA:   NA

Dog’s Name: Charlie Casella
Breed: Border Collie, Australian herding dog, retriever
Age:    2 1/2
Owner(s):   Robert Casella and Allison Furfaro
NASA Region : NASA Northeast
Years in NASA:   2

Dog’s Name: Quinn
Breed:   Australian Shepherd
Age:     5
Owner(s):   Jay Andrew
NASA Region : NASA Great Lakes
Years in NASA:   4

Images courtesy of Greg Greenbaum, Brett Becker, Walter Araya, Matt Guiver, Karl Wilen, Drew Ewing, Lisa Vaughn, Will Faules, Lee Buckner, Kathy Houston, Laura Spittle, Alexander Tarreddelles, Pacific Raceways and Robert Casella


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