Did you know that NASA sanctions events that feature tours of some of the best roads in the country for vintage car owners? NASA is proud to present something a little different from its track events with the Targa Rally series of events.

Headed by Dave Bouzaglou, Targa Rally tour events are for classic-era sports cars, and are held over three to four days in various regions of the country. These non-competitive events are about enthusiasts enjoying some of the best back roads behind the wheel of their vintage rides.

All makes of cars are eligible as long as they meet the 1975 and older era style. Continuation models that are the same body style as the pre-1975 model and replicas such as Cobra kit cars also are accepted.

Targa Rally has expanded its schedule for this 2020 with the following dates:

Targa Arizona, March 18 – 21
Targa California, June 10-13
Targa Colorado, Sept. 10-13
Targa Baja California, Oct. 30 – Nov. 1

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