Mazda to Offer Exclusive Two-Day Spec MX-5 Test Event This August

Mazda Motorsports is excited to offer kart racers and quarter midget drivers the opportunity to test a Spec MX-5 racecar across a two-day Mazda-exclusive event at Carolina Motorsports Park August 17 – 18, 2022.

Deadline for applications is June 13.

Mazda Motorsports will rent CMP August 17 and 18 to host up to 24 drivers in Spec MX-5 racecars. Several Spec MX-5 teams will join forces with Mazda Motorsports to provide the race cars, crew, coaches and more. In addition to the team’s coaches, Mazda will have its own coaches and staff on hand to work with the young drivers.

This two-day Mazda test should not be confused with the Spec MX-5 or MX-5 Cup Shootouts held annually near the end of the calendar year. Mazda Motorsports devised the test days as a great opportunity for racers to get exposed to sports car racing, and to why there are more Mazdas road racing on any given weekend than any other brand.

Eligibility and Requirements:
• Must be 14 years old or older by the August 17, 2022 to apply.
• Must be based in North America.
• Must have competed in at least one sanctioned outdoor go-kart or quarter midget race since 2021. Race result required to be submitted with the application. If clarification or confirmation is desired, please contact David Cook at [email protected].
• Must not have competed in more than two sports car races in your career. This offer is intended for those who would be “new” to sports car racing.
• Must apply by June 13. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by June 17 via email from a Mazda Motorsports representative. Selections will not be made on a first-come, first-served basis, but rather based on the information submitted in the application form.
• Drivers must pay the race team a $2,500 fee directly. Mazda Motorsports will arrange the team for you, which will provide the arrive-and-drive experience, which includes all consumables (e.g., tires, fuel, brakes, etc.), transport of car, prep of car, crew, coach and more. Mazda will provide a catered lunch, complimentary, to each driver for up to three attendees per driver.
• Drivers, or parent or legal guardian of the driver, if a minor, must sign a Mazda waiver, a team waiver, and the track’s waiver to participate on track at CMP.
To apply: Race seats will be selected via an application process to Mazda Motorsports found here. Applications are due by June 13, 2022.
Racing gear: Mazda Motorsports will provide additional information to that below prior to June 13, if requested. Please email David Cook at [email protected]; Mazda will provide more detail to all those selected after June 17.
• HANS devices will be loaned to those who do not have one.
• Fire-resistant race suit, socks, race shoes, and balaclava will need to be worn by each racer. Mazda will not provide, but does sell a racing suit designed by Mazda and Max Papis Innovations.
• Racer will be required to run an IMSA-style radio plug connected to their helmet.

There’s even more information on the Mazda Motorsports website.

Young racers in karting and quarter midgets can apply for the two-day test event at Carolina Motorsports Park in race prepared Spec MX-5 racecars.
Image courtesy of Mazda

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