Mazda Motorsports Extends Discount Programs on Spec MX-5 Kits

Racers who buy a Spec MX-5 conversion kit from Mazda Motorsports by March 31, 2021 receive a 10 percent kit discount, two free Penske shocks for the racecar, and a 10 percent discount on 99 percent of the stock parts for the racecar, including RX-8 hubs, through January 2024. If you miss this closing window, Mazda is extending a discount until January 31 of next year to purchase the kit at 10 percent off and receive 10 percent off on 99 percent of the stock parts, but only through January 2023.

To define how deep the discounts actually are, 10 percent off stock parts means you pay 10 percent less than what Mazda dealerships pay for the parts. Mazda is committed to racing, and particularly Spec MX-5, which Mazda regards as the next Spec Miata.

If you have been considering building a Spec MX-5 car, there is no better time, though not just due to the discounts. Mazda and Toyo Tires are backing the series with generous contingency prizes for Spec MX-5 and ST5 classes for Spec MX-5 drivers. The championship event in November adds to the six-figure contingency award on offer for the regular season with another $70,000.

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