For drivers interested in getting into Spec MX-5 racing in 2023, Mazda has just announced a big promotion for SMX kits for new builds and for the conversion of NC MX-5s into SMX cars.

The first six new build kits get a free set of Penske shocks. The first 25 new build kits get a free set of Toyo tires shipped in January. All kits get 25 percent off, as well as 25 percent off the spares for the car that are purchased at that time. All orders also get a small spares kit included.

The deal is available only for those who sign up for the Spec MX-5 Challenge presented by Toyo Tires series in 2023 as Mazda looks to drive car counts in this growing race series.

For more info, visit the Mazda Motorsports website.


  1. Spec MX-5 uses the third-generation MX-5 chassis, the NC. Mazda sells full kits to convert the NC to a legal Spec MX-5 racecar. Late model donor cars are typically more expensive than the NA and NB chassis, and the parts also are more costly than what it takes to build a decent Spec Miata.

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