Healthy snacks such as nuts, fruits, veggies and lots of water are essential for getting through the day during a NASA weekend of racing and HPDE.

As you prepare for your first day of HPDE, you need to know that there are a number of things you can bring with you that will make your day more enjoyable.

For the driver, first and foremost, bring lots of water. Racetracks are hot places during the summer and driver hydration is critical. It’s also good to bring nutritious snacks like nuts, beef jerky and fresh fruits and vegetables to help keep you going throughout the day. Driving in HPDE takes a lot out of you. You also might want to bring a folding chair, and perhaps something that provides a little shade.

If you don’t want to drag along an EZ UP — and who could blame you? — there are folding chairs that have a canopy on them. Also consider parking near a tree if you’re lucky enough to have them in the paddock. If none of that works, you can find some great sun-protective clothing from apparel makers who cater to the saltwater fishing market. And if none of that works, you can always apply sunscreen, but keep it off your face and especially off your forehead because it can get into your eyes as you perspire.

For the car, you’d be well advised to bring a basic tool kit, including a torque wrench for your lug nuts and a tire-pressure gauge. If you run into trouble, there’s always someone at the track willing to help with tools or know-how.

The most important thing to bring is an open mind a willingness to learn. Your first day on a racetrack is one you’ll remember forever. Enjoy the learning process and have fun.

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