In a nod toward those old NFL spots that gave viewers the opportunity to play referee, we’re going to emulate the series with racing incidents when possible.

In the following video, NASA Arizona ST2 racer Chris Wynne seizes an opportunity to pass three cars in one corner. Wynne made the pass on two cars, but ended up spinning off track to the inside due to contact. So, for the purposes of this exercise, stop reading now and watch the video clips.

What call did you make? The NASA Arizona race director said initial contact was a racing incident, but the follow-up push warranted a DQ for the driver of the stock car. Wynne admits to being a bit greedy in trying to get three cars in one turn and consulted with the coaches from Racers360 to help him figure out what he could have done to improve the situation.

NASA Arizona ST2 racer Chris Wynne’s Ford Mustang.
Image courtesy of Chris Wynne


  1. I have to side with Chris (the mustang) here. While he was being a little greedy, he safely made it in front of the other drivers before the turn. Because of that, the incident is completely on the stock car.

  2. He made yellow mustang completed the pass cleanly, the blue stock car had momentum however he also had plenty of time to let off. He chose not to and drove right through him.

  3. i did appear that the stock car got on the brakes for Chris, but got back in the gas before Chris could regain momentum . appears stock car was trying to be right , got back on it soon to minimize momentum loss. Then Chris was in his way.

    Looked like good racing , where we come from , LOL ….normal legends car road racing incident there

    early apex when hearing footsteps will put u in that vulnerable spot every time.

  4. He dove right in on the blue stock car, had to brake bery hard, blue car with less brakes couldnt slow enough.
    Solution? Drive porsches

  5. The blue car had multiple options to avoid contact. Let off a bit, swing wider. The mustang cleanly passed 2 cars and let off before taking the BMW as he should have vs trying to force him wider through the turn. The mustang looked clean to me and I agree with the DQ.

  6. The blue car clearly retaliated for getting pinched: he checked up and then clearly went back to gas, pegged the Mustang, and just kept on pushing. It wasn’t like he couldn’t stop. He could and he did. And it wasn’t like he tapped him lightly. That was a full-on pit maneuver. So I agree with the DQ on the blue car. It’s Road Racing, not Road Rage. If you don’t like being passed, drive faster! 🙂

  7. Yep, contact clearly all on the (blue) stock car (actually looked like a punt), Chris made clean pass/es, even if a bit overzealous, there was plenty of racing room for all.

  8. Isn’t racing all about being opportunistic and gaining as many places as possible? If you can gain two or more in one move, what’s wrong with that?!!!!!!
    Perhaps the only thing the Mustang could have done better is gotten on the brakes a bit sooner so he could go into the turn slower and more in control or gone a bit further to the right so the line wasn’t as shallow.
    The stock car was probably frustrated about being boxed in and passed. Took the frustration out on the exit of the turn by pulling a PIT maneuver. A punt plain and simple. Unsportsmanlike, dirty driving. Another great call by the race director.

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