This is what NASA Mid South’s “Winter in July” looks like at Barber Motorsports Park from the perspective of NASA Florida Time Trial 4 driver Radulian Pop. It showcases the wonderful flow of America’s prettiest racetrack, all set to the glorious soundtrack of Honda’s rev-happy F20 engine. Pop finished second in TT4 both days behind David Farrar, his best lap stopping the watch at 1:38.413. Well done.

Image courtesy of Radulian Pop


  1. Car seems very stable and has lots of grip. Solid driving, hitting the apexes, smooth, good downshifts. Great commitment to throttle through the fast chicane. I do have suggestions for better lap time though.
    For turn 1 turn in a bit earlier, like at the 1 marker in 5th gear on throttle and start backing it down as you come through the turn. You can come all the way out to the exit curb. Do the downshift into 3rd after you straighten out.

    Get to full power by the time you’re at the apex of 2 and use more track out, because even if you miss the uphill apex by more than a car width you won’t run out of track.

    Get to the power a little earlier out of the downhill S. You should be all the way out to the exit curb pretty much at the beginning of it. Just remember……’ll be approaching the fast chicane faster than before, so you’ll probably have to do a lift of some sort.
    A bit quicker with the transition for the final turn and get to full power before the apex. The more track/exit space you use, the faster you’ll go down the front straight. That of course means you’ll be coming up on turn 1 faster as well.

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