NASA SoCal Super Touring 2 racer Ralph Warren was a long way from home when he took the ST2 win at Watkins Glen in April.

Waiting for a full-course caution to clear late in the race, Warren used his spotters and his crew — and a well prepped E90 M3 — to his advantage to get an idea of what kind of traffic lay ahead of him, and put that to work on his last-lap dash with NASA Northeast ST2 standout Mark Petronis in his C5 Corvette.

Traffic played a role, as did the draft, but Warren created his own opportunity by going “full send” into the Bus Stop, and then he never looked back. The radio communications up to the restart and after the checkered flag in this Move of the Month make it more fun and interesting, even though we had to lower the volume to omit a few “celebratory” words when Warren crossed the finish line.

Image courtesy of Ralph Warren


  1. I learned never to leave a lane open unless even if you don’t expect the other guy to take it!

  2. Agreed the Vette made a poor choice by not hugging the right side of the track before the bus stop. If you know the inevitable is coming, at least make it harder for your aggressor to make it happen.

    A little luck is right. I think “thank you yellow M3” should have kicked off the answer to his teammate on the radio, as to how he got by the Vette!

    But hey, that’s racing!

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