If you’ve ever wondered how NASA Southeast Spec E30 regularly attracts so many cars, this video clip should spell it out. The competition, bump-drafting, mixed-class racing all happening on a racetrack like Road Atlanta are irresistible. Rob Eskew and Sandro Espinosa dice it up through Mazda Miatas and Porsche 944s, all the while fist-pumping each other’s moves. Eskew missed a shift about 12 and a half minutes in, and that was enough to let Espinosa get by, but it was far from over. As their tires heated up, the steering inputs got a bit more frantic as traffic played a larger role. Espinosa spun at the exit of Turn 5 at 23:50, but it still wasn’t a done deal. On the white-flag lap, Eskew got crossed up and spun into the gravel trap in Turn 5 and Ryan Whitinger passed him and went on to take the win.

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