In this installment of the Yokohama Move of the Month, Honda Challenge driver Dane Byrd gains a lot of ground in the braking zone headed into the Corkscrew during the NASA Championships, enough that he could consider a pass on the downhill portion of the world-famous turn. Byrd goes for the pass, but to make it work, he needs to use some curbing on the right. OK, well, darn near all of it, but he makes it work and gets around his competitor clean, with enough room behind him to take ownership of the Rainey Curve. Well done.

Images courtesy of Dane Byrd and CaliPhotography


  1. The car in front over slowed and didn’t carry enough apex speed through the left, causing it to needlessly “pinch” the exit. That left the door open for Dane to go up the inside and make the pass.

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