Whether there is a need to lift off the throttle as a measure of caution depends on perspective. In this installment of the Yokohama Move of the Month, we get two perspectives, one from NASA Northeast Spec3 series leader Taylor Johnson and NASA Southeast Spec3 racer Andreas Schmidt embroiled in a battle at VIR.

After Johnson rounds Oak Tree, he begins accelerating down the long back straight when he sees a Spec E30 and a Spec E46 ahead of him slow for reasons that aren’t clear in the video. There’s no smoke or flags debris, but Johnson checks up with them. Just behind Johnson, Schmidt lifts and brakes a bit, too, but jukes right to avoid Johnson. Seeing that there’s a way through, he gets back on the gas and splits the two cars and continues on. Johnson appears to be incredulous as to what just happened and gets back on the gas to chase down Schmidt. We all know the feeling.

Images courtesy of PolitiPixels and Brett Becker

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