Never let it be said that Speed News doesn’t provide its readers value. In this two-for-one Move of the Month, NASA SoCal Spec Miata championship leader Uthman Alaoui shows us shows why he’s the points leader in the region.

In the first half of the clip, Alaoui slices through out-of-class traffic while dicing with competitor Rob Burgoon at Willow Springs International Raceway in May. There are a number of great moves in there while Alaoui finally breaks free of traffic and Burgoon to go on take two of two wins at Willow Springs that weekend.

The second half shows Alaoui on his qualifying lap, in which he uses the draft on the second half of the track to lay down a 1:36.46X-second lap time. How he does that while bouncing off the rev-limiter is a mystery, but the clock doesn’t lie. Pretty cool stuff.


Image courtesy of Herb Lopez

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