Everyone in and around NASA circles knows that Toyota GR Supra buyers get a complimentary year membership to NASA and one complimentary day of HPDE1 instruction, and that the program has been expanded to include the GR86 for 2022.

But did you also know that a Toyota GR Supra currently holds the NASA TT1 lap record at Circuit of The Americas? It’s true, and Jackie Ding, driver for PhD Racing established that mark at 2:19.045 back in August. PhD Racing stemmed from an Instagram naming contest. It stands for passion, hope and dreams. Ding points out that it was also good-natured ribbing of his Asian parents lecturing him to get a PhD and become a doctor.

Yes, but racecar drivers have more fun! Enjoy Ding’s quick lap in his hot-rod Toyota GR Supra.

Jackie Ding of PhD Racing set the NASA TT1 lap record at Circuit of The Americas in August at 2:19.045 seconds.
Image courtesy of Jackie Ding


  1. I just want to compliment you on your hand position not changing during the entire video. It’s something most people don’t notice but instructors will. Congradulations on your record and excellent driving.

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