We know Radicals are speedy cars. Heck, everyone knows it. This video takes that obvious notion and makes it empirical. Ride along with NASA Northeast racer Rob Torres, who puts in an astonishingly quick lap on the Thunderbolt course at New Jersey Motorsports Park last season.

The audio clearly broadcasts the car at full song. The visual element shows the car flying past the red-and-white-striped curbs and the trees at the perimeter of the facility, and the data display backs it all up with hard and fast numbers, with particular emphasis on fast. Everything about this lap is wonderful. Ride along and enjoy the sensation of sensational speed.

Rob Torres races his Radical SR3 XX in Super Unlimited in the NASA Northeast Region.
Image courtesy of Rob Torres


  1. No question fast. But he’s missed at least 3 apexes by a foot or more, one of them(the last left) by a mile because he was waaaay late with the transition. Could have tracked out more off that left. So much time to be gained in that section. Need to turn in a tad earlier for 1 and you’ll get there.

    A buddy of mine just started running an SR3. I’m going to get the opportunity to drive some time.

  2. Not for nothing, but pretty sure the video is very slightly sped up, which always makes things look a bit faster! Still a honking lap in a fast car!

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