Sometimes the safer bet is to take the chance, which is exactly what Spec3 racer Sean O’Hara did in this edition of the NASA Racing Gear Store Move of the Month.

O’Hara started from third at New Jersey Motorsports Park, and that’s where he ran for a few laps. After a brief full-course caution, O’Hara got on the bumpers of leaders, No. 1 Charles Ford and No. 07 Jon McAvoy, for the restart.

One lap into the restarted race, the trio was embedded in mixed-class traffic. Honda Challenge, Spec E30 and Spec Miata were in the same run group, and when one of the Honda Challenge cars spun into the tire wall on the exit of Turn 12 onto the front straight, O’Hara chose the fast way through and got around Ford and McAvoy, before the yellows even had a chance to come out.

O’Hara set about putting some cars in between them, but a couple of laps later, here comes Ford, headlights blazing, clawing his way back to O’Hara’s bumper. O’Hara and Ford then went two-wide through turns 1 through 4, but Ford came out ahead in Turn 5 and went on to take the win. O’Hara finished second with McAvoy in third. Spec class racing at its finest.

Image courtesy of Brett Becker


  1. These guys are great drivers. Great fast driving, great car control, great evasive maneuvers. Running with drivers like this will make you a better driver.

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