Part of what makes the NASA Championships so challenging is the format of qualifying leading to a qualifying race on Saturday, and then the Championship race on Sunday. To be able to compete in Sunday’s Championship race, you not only have to be quick in qualifying, but also be crafty in the qualifying race. Of course, being a Championships event, sometimes the qualifying race is, uh, eventful, as was the case in Spec E30.

For this installment of the Yokohama Move of the Month, Spec E30 racer Jerick Javier of JMP Autowerks gets a good start in the qualifying race, but as the field barreled into the Andretti Hairpin, Javier had to go into survival mode to avoid a couple of spinning cars. But it didn’t end there. Javier had to avoid a few more early-race mishaps so he could make it to Sunday.

Javier did make it to Sunday for the rainy Championships race at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca where he finished 17th of 30 cars.

Images courtesy of Brett Becker and Jerick Javier

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