OK, this one happens fast and you have to look closely, but this installment of the NASA Racing Gear Store Move of the Month is like none we have ever seen before. It might be the first time we award the prize to a … squirrel.

During the NASA SoCal April event at Buttonwillow Raceway Park, Teen Mazda Challenge driver Joey Andrews exits the Riverside turn headed into the Kink with fellow TMC driver William Rasmussen right behind him. Just before the braking zone into Phil Hill, a squirrel darts across the track. Obviously dared by his little squirrel buddies to do it, the squirrel disappears under the front of Andrews’ car, which was traveling at about 100 mph.

Did he make it? Well, with the rearview camera, we can see that he did! Well done, Rocky!

Images courtesy of Herb Lopez and Donna Wittlin

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