Call it the perfect storm. Call it a confluence of conditions. Whatever you want to call it, conditions were slick.

Connor DeYoung reported for duty in Spec Miata with an old set of Toyo RA1 rain tires at Carolina Motorsports Park during the cold snap that blanketed Texas with snow. In South Carolina, it was cold and rainy and fresh pavement on the track made it difficult to pick out puddles because the entire track was shiny.

It wasn’t just DeYoung, who said nearly everyone in the class went sliding off track somewhere at some point during the race. The good news is that no body panels or cars were harmed in the making of this video.

Connor DeYoung had an old set of Toyo RA1s to battle the wet weather at Carolina Motorsports Park in February. Conditions were slick, and the entire Spec Miata field struggled to find grip all weekend.
Image courtesy of Connor DeYoung


  1. Barely saved the last one!!!! Understeer in some turns, snap oversteer in others. Need to be smoother with the throttle application in these low grip conditions, so you can commit to power and don’t have to come abruptly off throttle. Less entry speed as well so you don’t plow off the track, since you can compensate with throttle, as with a higher horsepower car. Maybe lower rear tire pressure so it’s not so tail happy LOL.

  2. Connor, thank you so much for volunteering this video! It is unpleasant to show mistakes or expose oneself to criticism. But sometimes nothing goes right – and you are not alone. Nice save from the tire wall on that last one.

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