Every racer who straps in hopes for at least one lap like this during a race. It’s the kind of action that makes you want to go back and watch it over and over again.

In this installment of the NASA Racing Gear Store Move of the Month, NASA Northeast Spec Miata drivers Jim Tramontano, Chris Graham in the white car and Benjamin Miller in the red car do battle on the Thunderbolt course at New Jersey Motorsports Park for second through fourth spots. They’re three-wide through the tightest sections of the track and swapping positions, all with no contact — that we know of. Throw in a little bump drafting to spice things up and you can begin to see why these cars and this class remains so popular. Well done, gents.

Image courtesy of Mike Woeller / WindShadow Studio


  1. Great close racing. They’re bump drafting on the front straight, unless that’s not considered body contact? With Miatas I guess that’s all in good fun lol

    • Bumper to bumper, all clean until/unless it results in a punt.
      …the only way to hustle a 120 horsepower racecar around a track in haste

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