It is a safe bet that NASA Arizona Regional Director Tage Evanson’s racecar is the only Honda Civic classed in ST2 in any NASA region in the country. We know of no other Civic classed that high in the Super Touring series, and this video shows just how quick it is in Evanson’s hands.

Chuckwalla is a hugely entertaining track, with great flow and lots of high-g-force turns. If you don’t believe us, just watch the dirt on the passenger side floor. It’s almost as good as the g meter in your data system.

Evanson did go on to take the ST2 win in this race, which was a nice follow-up to his second-place finish in ST2 the day before. Enjoy.

Image courtesy of Herb Lopez


  1. I don’t like the habit of shuffling the hands and leading a turn with the inside hand. It would be more ideal if the steering wheel was closer to the chest and would make it easier to change that.

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