Max Gourley Just barely missed the TT2 podium at the 2023 NASA Championships at PittRace. He trailed third-place finisher Ben Grambau by just .887 seconds, and finished in fourth place. What’s more remarkable is that in a class populated with Corvettes and one Toyota GR Supra, Gourley was taking them all on in a Subaru STi, and darn near found his way into the top three, which seemed to make this fast lap a pretty good candidate for this week’s Yokohama Move of the Month.

Gourley had a nice clean lap and notched a 1:49.183, compared with third-place finisher Ben Grambau’s 1:48.296 and second-place David Kramar’s 1:48.025. Pretty lap. Nice work.

Image courtesy of Downforce Media


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