The name David Farrar might be familiar to you if you’re a NASA Florida member, and it also might ring a bell for NASA members nationwide. And why not? Farrar currently holds three track records, and he was featured in our Move of the Month back in September. This time, it’s Roebling Road Raceway where Farrar goes to work in setting the TT4 track record at 1:17.43, which held until NASA Southeast driver Jon Kozlow broke it in his BMW M3 in September 2020. The new TT4 lap record at Roebling Road Raceway is 1:17.193.


David Farrar at Roebling Road Raceway set the TT4 track record at 1:17.43.
Image courtesy of David Farrar


  1. There’s no such thing as fake news. If something is fake, it’s something other than news, but that is beside the point. However, there is such a thing as an error, which appears to be the case here. We weren’t aware the lap record had been broken since David set this one. We’ll amend the caption to this video to reflect your lap record. We, well, I apologize for the error because I’m responsible for it.

    If you have a link to your record lap, we’ll be happy to post that in a future Speed News issue.

  2. David is FAST! Lap record or not he’s very skilled and also a generous teacher. I’ve learned a fair amount from him down at Sebring. Keep it up buddy!

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