There is no racing driver in a greater hurry than during a short qualifying race. Get it done, and do it quickly.

NASA Arizona Super Touring series leader Chris Wynne jumps out to a great start trailing a Pontiac Solstice — which obviously isn’t running stock power! The laps around east track at Wild Horse Pass go quickly, but carrying speed through its chicanes and hairpins is challenging especially with all the weight and horsepower of Wynne’s Mustang.

Wynne runs behind the Solstice for a bit, then gets overtaken by NASA Arizona Regional Director Tage Evanson in what has to be the only ST2 Honda Civic in all of NASA. Evanson’s car breaks something about eight and a half minutes in, and Wynne goes on to take the, uh, win. Enjoy the soundtrack of eight great cylinders of Ford power.

Images courtesy of Chris Wynne and Elevated Entropy, LLC


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