From the looks of this video, they sure do Time Trial right in the NASA Texas Region.

Gunn Kim posted this video showing numerous instances of driver-to-driver courtesy when putting in hot laps in Time Trial at a NASA Texas event at Motorsports Ranch Cresson. With footage with lots of different cars, Kim shows how drivers help one another while getting out of the way when they’re on a flyer. Well done, drivers.


Image courtesy of Gunn Kim


  1. Great heads up, courteous driving. That track with the longer straights makes it easier to pull out of the way. I definitely want to see better etiquette, especially in the HPDE groups. Lets try not to pass on the outside of the upcoming turn, especially on the exit of that turn. Turn 12 at Sears Point being the prime example.

    There is something to be said about staying on line and passing off line and being predictable in HPDE when you’re not competing. It definitely worked well there in TT.

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