It might be a first for the Yokohama Move of the Month to feature the East course at Utah Motorsports Campus, but it looks like a hoot. It certainly was for Chad Aalders in his Super Touring 4 Nissan 350Z last year.

Aalders takes the green flag with no one in his mirrors and puts his head down and starts changing that as quickly as he can. Aalders gets bogged in traffic right at the start, but manages to pass four cars by Turn 2, at which point he sets his sights on the cars ahead and eventually picks them off, one by one. Nicely done.

Image courtesy of Chad Aalders


  1. Great piece of driving…………..on the edge of grip, using all the track. Worked through traffic very quickly without bumping into anyone. Clearly faster than the competition. Pulled away so fast after passing the last car.
    First time seeing that layout. Very technical. Not much time to rest.

  2. This was actually the west track. The East track is even more technical. I was able to set a track record in the race on east track last year by 5/10’s of a second. Can’t wait to get back out there!

    Oops, west. I got turned around a bit. — BB

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