Lime Rock is a deceptively simple track in every sense of those two words. It’s only 1.53 miles long, has one left-hand turn, and lap times for nearly any car usually aren’t much more than a minute. That’s the simple part. The deception lies in executing fast laps here, because Lime Rock is riddled with nuance. It’s not easy to go fast here.

NASA Northeast’s Luis Serva set the GTS3 track record in 2019, capturing the lap on video. Let’s sit in on that record run while he shows us the fast way around Lime Rock. Oh, and it appears the E46 M3 in this video is now for sale if you know anyone in the market.


  1. Don’t waste your time and money running here. Postage stamp size track, no elec hookups, 84 db sound restriction, closed on Sundays, etc. etc. Owner refuses to make improvements.

    LRP is so bad Chin Track Days wont even run here!!

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