In her first season of competition, NASA Florida racer Lena Chin drives something of a rare car in NASA racing: a 1993 Honda Prelude. When NASA Florida visited Sebring International Raceway in April, Chin took the start and had the ST5 lead for a while, but she was fighting understeer due to excess toe-in and she ended up finishing second behind Jason Searcy in the No. 585 Miata. We’ll be watching to see more from this rookie driver and her unicorn Honda Prelude.

Image courtesy of Lena Chin


  1. I wouldn’t blame it on understeer. Some transitions are late, some turnins are late resulting in missed or too late apexes(like 1), going to power too late and not using all the track/exit curbs, not carrying enough apex speed in the last turn or carrying enough entry into 1.
    First start getting to the apex where you should, then work on the bravery/commitment in the fast stuff.

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