Nice Flyer at National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park

Ride along with NASA Southeast TT5 racer Nicholas Dugdale as he puts in a nice flyer in his Subaru BRZ at National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park — and picks up the TT5 track record in the process.

The track made national news last year when a tornado damaged the main building along the front straightaway, but talk to anyone who has driven at NCMMP and they’ll tell you it has become one of their favorite tracks. One look at this video and it’s easy to see why. It’s challenging with a variety of corners — check out the speed he carries in Turn 5! — elevation changes and varying degrees of camber. It looks like a blast. Enjoy.

NASA Southeast driver Nicholas Dugdale campaigns a 2020 Subaru in TT5.
Image courtesy of Nicholas Dugdale


  1. Great driving. Great cornering BRZ. G’s spiked to well over 1.4 through the compression/uphill in that last section.
    The last section is so technical. Some of the curbs on this track are pretty obnoxious. I like the extra paved runoff behind the curbs in some areas.

  2. Great to be a good driver but he’s a good dude too! Thanks for chatting at the glen.! Had no idea I was talking to the lap record holder!?

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