In all honesty, this one hurts to watch. The camera car is driven by Jamie Clos, who starts from pole in the Lightning Group at Mid-Ohio in May, and winds up dicing with Ryan Roberson and Jonathan Davis while nipping at the heels of the H2 field. On lap two, just over the Turn 10 rise, an ST5 Honda S2000 had spun and come to rest laterally across the track, and the resulting melee took out a bunch of cars.


  1. This is years and years ago and I was running with NASA at Iowa Raceway Oval and there was a “race incident” and that was the first one (Miata vs BMW) that made me think real hard about the implications of completely writing off the value of our cars. I might have missed it but hopefully no one was hurt.

  2. Sad to see George Jr’s car take such a bad hit or anybody’s for that matter. Hope all are okay. With such close racing we get these sometimes. I’m sure everyone helped each other get back on track as usual. NASA and Spec Miata communities are great! The Clos family are super people so go say hello if you see them. Cheers

  3. ouch, but I am cringing watching the guy make the start four car lengths back from the car in front of
    him. this whole thing could have been avoided with a good spotter and some situational awareness.

  4. Similar to Memo’s incident at Daytona when the car if front of you swerves at the last second and the car behind them is screwed.

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