In this installment of the Yokohama Move of the Month, we present four candidates for you to choose as the one winner of the Yokohama Move of the Month trophy. This is in place of the previous once-a-week format.

Presenting four videos at one time will be the format for the Yokohama Move of the Month going forward. On the third Wednesday of each month, we’ll post four videos for and by NASA members. Be sure to watch all four videos and click the “like” button for the video you think is best suited to be named the Yokohama Move of the Month. The winner of the contest will receive a handsome plaque from NASA National partner Yokohama Tire, which we will announce in the NASA News section on the third Wednesday of the following month, when we’ll show you four more. You get the idea.

Tucking in to Make the Pass

Demonstrating great racing throughout a NASA Southeast Spec Miata field, Charles Lankford tried to get past Bill Miller at Carolina Motorsports Park, but couldn’t quite get it done on his own. He didn’t want to try a low-percentage pass, but when the leading Spec E30 cars came from behind, Lankford saw his chance, and tucked in behind the Spec E30 and made the pass on Miller.

“I was almost too slow on the decision, but was able to pull alongside of Bill as we exited the corner,” Lankford said. “As we got near the Kink on the back straight, I breathed to let the second-place E30 pass us both and finally made the pass on Bill at the Kink as the E30 tracked out in front of him.”


Passing Two Cars in One Corner

In the life of a racer, few things feel as satisfying and rewarding as a well-executed, hard-fought pass on a competitor. It’s even better when you can get two cars in one corner, as was the case for Alexander Tarradelles-Newell at the 2022 NASA Championships at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. Entering Turn 4, Tarradelles-Newell gets on the bumper of Scott Adams who is fighting to get by Jonathan Baker, and he ends up getting by both of them in Turn 5 cleanly. Nicely done.


Good Start, Good Result

NASA Northeast Super Touring 3 driver Eric Magnussen started P2 in ST3 behind the blue Camaro. Magnussen got a good start, picking up six spots before VIR’s Turn 4a. By lap four Magnussen was in front of everyone in ST1, ST2, and ST3, eventually went on to win the race. Shows how important a good start can be.


Hot Lap at Heartland Park

Here’s a video from one of the more unsung tracks in the country, but as you can see from NASA MidAmerica TTU driver Jim King’s trip around the circuit in his Radical that it’s fast and fun. King starts his flyer on the front straight after and wends his way to a 1:47 and change, his best of the day. Sit back and enjoy the symphonic wail of that Radical.


Images courtesy of Brett Becker, Bill Land, Alexander Tarradelles-Newell, Thomas Murray, Jim King and WJP Aerial

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