Traffic and uphill sections of track at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca can change the field more quickly than other tracks with less elevation. In this week’s Yokohama Move of the Month, NASA SoCal Honda Challenge 4 racer Paul Carr-Rollitt makes up a good bit of ground between turns 5 and 6.

After making the successful pass in Turn 6, Paul Carr-Rollitt was able to catch up to third-place Ryan Flaherty, and get a run on him on the last lap coming out of Turn 11 onto the front straight heading to the checkered flag … only to miss the podium by .60 seconds.

“Since it was my first National Championships I have zero to complain about,” Carr-Rollitt said, “especially given the incredibly talented drivers I’ve had the good fortune to run with in H4, but so close!”

At far right, Paul Carr-Rollitt celebrates on the podium at Willow Springs with James Landry (center) and Loren Fancy.
Images courtesy of and Herb Lopez

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