We’ve all heard the maxim, “Eyes up, anxiety down.” Looking far ahead is essential to fast, smooth, consistent driving. It’s equally effective at alerting you to trouble. When Brent Goforth rounded the last turn onto the front straight at Roebling Road, if he was looking way ahead, he would have seen a sizeable puff of blue smoke down the other end toward Turn 1. When he arrived at the other end of the straight, his father Bill Goforth had pulled off to the side with flames licking off the back of his Corvette. Just as Brent went by, the red flags came out. Bill was unhurt, but he’s got some repair work to do.

Brent Goforth races in NASA Southeast in Super Unlimited in a C5 Corvette.
Image courtesy of Brent Goforth


  1. He was on top of it so fast after the puff of smoke, he wouldn’t have been able to make the decision and slow down in time to get there.

    His father should have tried to make it to the flag station and had them put it out.

    Too late to stop at that point with hot brakes and engine. Just let the track workers take care of it.

    Figure out why it caught fire so it doesn’t happen again.

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