Race videos with captions are always fun. It’s like you get to live inside the mind of the driver. This installment of the Yokohama Move of the Month is a good example. We’ve removed the full-course caution from the middle of it, but the live commentary from Spec E46 driver Mark Gottscho makes watching this one interesting and fun. He and his competitors Steve Ferrario and Peter Jones have a good game of cat and mouse at the most demanding track in California, Sonoma Raceway.

Images courtesy of caliphotography.com and Mark Gottscho


  1. You need to be on the power a lot earlier coming out of 7. A little bit off 2, but you’re giving up a ton of time off 7. You have more room on the exit than you think.
    Turn in a bit earlier for 11 since you’re getting understeer. Same in 6.
    Quicker with the hands for corrections. You have to get more comfortable dealing with oversteer.

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