It’s not over till it’s over, right?

No. 132 Don Elvington was hot on Keith Williamson’s tail on the last lap at the NASA Southeast 2022 season opener at Roebling Road Raceway when he spun in Roebling’s uber-fast Turn 9. You can see it triggered some quick reactions behind Elvington as Williamson went on to win. The second camera comes from Yan Dia’s car. Dia captured the quick reactions of Alex Berg ahead of him and his own avoidance as the two darted off track to get around Elvington. Berg finished second with Dia behind him in third.

No. 64 Keith Williamson leads Don Elvington, Alex Berg and Yan Dia at Roebling Road Raceway at the NASA Southeast 2022 season opener.
Image courtesy of Jim Voss


  1. I knew an Alex Berg at SFWA. I’m sure it’s not the same person but the name is unusual enough for me to wonder.

  2. I had a similar experience going wide on the exit to Turn 9 here on my last lap several years ago. My return to the paved surface was not quite as smooth as Alex and Yan did it.

  3. I was coming around T9 as it happened; saw the dust fly up behind the flag stand even before coming into view, then passed Don as he kept his foot in it and came back onto the track coming to the checkers. It was exciting for sure!

  4. I have a theory as to what happened. You have to have the right side tires right next to the white line before pit in, which then puts the right side of the car right on the apex curb when it tracks off. Don was about 1/3 of a car width off of that. Looks like he started getting understeer, had to lift and went to oversteer. Wicked setup to be fast LOL.

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