In this video, NASA Mid-Atlantic Spec3 racer Charles Ford set the track record for Spec3 at Watkins Glen in April, and he didn’t have much help in doing it. In fact, he weaved through a  lot of traffic, much it out of his class. Ford dices through Honda Challenge cars and Spec Miatas to notch a 2:13.6-second lap at Watkins Glen International Raceway. Nice lap.

Charles Ford
Image courtesy of Charles Ford


  1. Nice driving. Luckily the traffic wasn’t that much slower than this car, so didn’t really hinder the lap time. Could be using more exit space/curb coming off the first turn of the boot.

    They really should enforce track limits off 1. That’s there as a safety cushion. If it was part of the track they would have put the exit curb farther out. Some organizations, including the FIA/F1, would enforce it. You get two warnings, then a penalty.

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