There is no bigger proponent of Spec3 than Taylor Johnson, who submitted this installment of the NASA Racing Gear Store Move of the Month on behalf of fellow Spec3 racer Charles Ford. Johnson and Ford were battling for the lead at Summit Point in the closing laps at the NASA Mid-Atlantic Spring Rumble at Summit Point in April, which led to what you might call a close finish.

Johnson got under Ford as he dealt with a bit of oversteer in Turn 1, then dice through traffic on the white-flag lap. The footwork cam and rearview cam really add to the experience.

“Charles and I are side by side for a large portion of these laps and even fold in a mirror given how close we are,” Johnson said. “We split some traffic and then crossed the line 0.004 seconds apart with Charles beating me to the line.”

Spec-class racing at its finest. Nice driving by everyone.

Images courtesy of Politipixs and Charles Ford


  1. Very good, close racing by two very good drivers. Not mistake free, but very good none the less. Looks like the car that won started the turn a bit farther left, squaring it up a bit better and carrying a tad more speed onto a very long straight. The finish line was just far enough down to win by not even a nose. Most important turn on the track and in this case made all the difference.

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