We’ve sung the praises of the Pittsburgh International Race Complex before, so this time we’ll show you, with a clean, well-driven lap by NASA Great Lakes TT5 driver Jordan Hill.

Hill’s 2014 Scion FRS tips the scales at 2,750 pounds and makes an average of 183 horsepower. The 17-inch wheels are shod with 245-40-17 Hoosier R7’s and the car rides on Motion Control Suspension, which was just the ticket for Hill to crank out a 1:57-second lap time at PittRace.

This track has such a wonderful flow and all the hallmarks you hope for in a road course: recent repaving, elevation changes, off- and on-camber corners, blind crests, and slow-, medium- and high-speed turns. Take a ride with Jordan Hill, then find a way to get yourself to Pittsburgh International Race Complex, one of the most under-appreciated tracks in the country.

Jordan Hill competes in TT5 in the NASA Great Lakes Region with a young but enthusiastic pit crew.
Image courtesy of Downforce Media


  1. Looks like they run it in two directions like THill. Last one was in the other direction. I knew something looked different. Then I noticed the Pitts are on the left.
    You’d think that STI would have the legs on him on the straights. Must have done something with power/weight.
    That loud exhaust would never fly on the street LOL

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