Listen closely at the start and see if you can detect a little wheel-spin from NASA Arizona Super Touring series leader Chris Wynne’s 2011 Ford Mustang GT.

Wheel-spin or not, Wynne got a great start by any measure and would eventually go on to take the overall win. Before he could do that, he had to get around the V8-powered Pontiac Solstice of Kenneth Cross and withstand a challenge from NASA Arizona Regional Director Tage Evanson in his familiar Honda Civic. Evanson experienced some suspension trouble and went off, leaving Wynne to hold off Ken Orgeron in his BMW M3. The huge amount of data and the killer V8 soundtrack really make this video pretty dang nifty.

Image courtesy of Chris Wynne


  1. You definitely hit your marks and do some nicely matched downshifts.

    Great straight line speed. Does it really do 90mph in second?!!!! Definitely gets there quick.

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