Sometimes avoiding trouble on track means driving all the way off track, which was the recipe used by NASA SoCal Teen Mazda Challenge driver Christian Hoagland in March. Heading into Willow Springs’ Turn 2 with fellow TMC competitor Sam Spencer on his right, Hoagland had to take his car off track left to avoid a spinning car, an avoidance move that left him at the tail end of the Spec Miata field. Hoagland showed off some rally driving skills, shook it off, and put his head down.

“It was pretty wild,” Hoagland said. “I was in the last place at that point, and I kind of just had to really focus on my lines and doing the best I could, trying to just perfect my lines, make myself as fast as I could to catch up.”

By the time checkers flew, Hoagland had worked his way back into second place.

Image courtesy of Christian Hoagland


  1. I hope that grey Miata on the right was penalized for avoidable body contact. It was a dive bomb. Stuck its nose where it didn’t belong. Totally the Honda’s corner.
    Great avoidance maneuver and car control in the dirt.

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