When it starts raining and the whole field has gone out on dry tires, things can get pretty white-knuckled. In this video from Autobahn Country Club in October, ST5 racer Kyle Burkhardt got punted during the wet start, then worked his way back up to the bumper of Aaron Spiegel about 13:15 minutes in and then got around him when Spiegel had to catch a spin. Burkhardt survived a few more spins on his way to a second-place finish at Autobahn.


  1. Actually the racing was spectacular as the rain was quite heavy and the participants were dicing every lap. No real damage, tons of great passing on a very wet track and the drivers in this race were practically given a standing ovation during the Event Awards Ceremony. No offense, and I have friends we race in Arizona, but a statement that it is better there is likely just your personal bias, as this was one fantastic display of car control by many during a very bad weather situation. Kudos to all the drivers and this is just one drivers view , but can guarantee we all enjoyed the spectacle — those of us watching were screaming and cheering every lap as there was so much drama.

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