It’s no secret that you have to be vigilant during a start, and NASA Texas Spec Miata racer Nick Harwood certainly had the right stuff early on in the March event at Motorsport Ranch Cresson.

At the start, the driver ahead dabbed the brake during a shift, instead of the clutch, and Harwood had to dart left to avoid contact. One lap in, Harwood made a nifty pass on the outside going into Rattlesnake and made it stick.

A couple of laps later, a car ran wide in Little Bend and had to defend going into Buzzard Neck. Harwood and the two cars ahead of him tried to capitalize on the mistake and there was contact on the inside of the turn, leaving Harwood to rely on his reflexes again.

“The two cars came together in Horseshoe and spun leaving me with a narrow escape,” Harwood said in an email. “I was sure I was going to get collected there. I’m still not sure how much margin there was — not a lot! From that point, the race up front was strung out, and we all just took it home.”

Nick Harwood started racing in 2020 in Spec Miata in the NASA Texas Region.
Image courtesy of Nick Harwood


  1. Give these Spec Miata guys a crack inside and they’ll stick it in there LOL!!!!
    Brake instead of the clutch…….no left foot braking for me. Especially in a car with a clutch pedal.
    Great reflexes to avoid some of that craziness.

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