OK, this one takes some getting used to before you can tell what’s going on and how to watch it, but once you figure it out, it’s very clever.

Driving a Scion FR-S, NASA Northeast ST5 racer Ahmad Lutfeali battled with Michael Natilli in his E36 M3 on New Jersey Motorsports Park’s Thunderbolt course during Saturday’s Lightning race last June. It’s a classic battle between torque and cornering speeds as Lutfeali badgers Natilli at corner entry and midcorner, with Natilli usually pulling away at corner exit.

Lutfeali finally got around Natilli and finished third in ST5, with Natilli in fourth. The following day, the two went at it again, with Lutfeali taking the win, Natilli in second and Thai Diep in third.

Ahmad Lutfeali races a Scion FR-S in ST5 competition with the NASA Northeast Region.
Ahmad Lutfeali
Image courtesy of Windshadow Studios

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