NASA Mid-Atlantic GTS2 racer Jeremy Hoover takes the green flag in the No. 2 spot, with 2017 GTS2 National Champion Scott Blair on pole at this year’s June Joust at Summit Point Motorsports Park. Initially, Hoover gets gapped by a fair amount, but with a dose of traffic, some good moves and maybe a little luck, Hoover gets back on Blair’s bumper in the late stages of the race and eventually takes advantage of CMC driver’s mistake to put a pick move on Blair and take the lead, which he held till the end. It was his first win, and certainly well earned.

Image courtesy of Jeremy Hoover


  1. Wow turn 2 and 3 are fast and 4 through 7 are technical. Interesting old school unforgiving track.
    Nice evasive maneuver to the left to take advantage of the leader slowing for the Mustang that had issues in the braking zone and came across the track. Mustang did not want to give up the out of class position.
    I’d turn in a bit earlier for 1.

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