Ride along with NASA Great Lakes Spec Iron driver David Luaces as he tackles National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park in his Ford Mustang. It’s fascinating to watch all the streams of data on display in his cockpit as he negotiates the challenging circuit. Luaces had a fifth, fourth and a second-place finish in the last race of that weekend in Spec Iron.


Image courtesy of David Luaces


  1. Good, close racing. I like the progressive/catchable breakaway and the tires even talk to you. Good hand positioning, smoothness and car control. Gears are pretty long, so you don’t have to shift that much.

  2. In my defense, the phone is running the ApexPro and the dash isn’t a data logger. It’s just a dash. Also, this is the first time I’ve ever used the Catalyst during a race; usually just during practice, qualifying and trec races. I suck at this track (second time racing there) and was looking for immediate information on how I was doing hence the catalyst.

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