NASA Great Lakes ST4 racer Matthias Schaub was having a fine time in the Thunder race group at Pittsburgh International Race Complex in July, when a slight error and out-of-class traffic tripped him up a bit.

On the white-flag lap, he didn’t get a good drive up the hill out of Turn 8, but his competitor Ron Williams did and put about a five- or six car gap- between them. Driving the blue Subaru, Williams capitalized on his position and diced through four out-of-class cars ahead and looked poised to carry the position all the way to the checkers. However, that’s when more traffic played a role and Schaub struck on the last straightaway, splitting Williams and the Mustang headed into the last couple of corners and on for the win!

“On the last lap he was around 600 feet ahead. I only thought: Never give up until you see the checkered flag,” Schaub said. “Then I spotted a slower car coming up and that this might be an opportunity to get ‘very close’ to Ron. Ron had to slow down in the fast sweeper on the back straight and I had the momentum to squeeze through the middle. I thought for sure I would lose my mirrors. But it paid off and I won ST4.”

Image courtesy of Brett Becker

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